Affiliate Registration

To apply to become an affiliate of Website Wonder Woman please fill out the below registration form with your details. you will then get an email when your account is accepted.


Affiliate FAQ’s


What is an affiliate?

Basically, an affiliate is someone who promotes a companies products for a percentage or flat fee of any products that they sell through this promotion.

Promotion includes sharing your specific affiliate link or image with people on your website, blog, social media platforms etc. If someone then clicks on that links and gets sent to the Website Wonder Woman site and buys a product (such as web site design, membership etc.) then that link you used would have tracked that it was you that sent that person to the site and you will be rewarded with a percentage of that product or a flat fee, which will then be paid out to you through Paypal.

What can I earn?

Earnings depend on the product that you are promoting and presently the percentage set at 25% for affiliates.

So for example:

If you sold a Website Wonder Woman VIP membership you would receive 25% of the total sale of £10 = £2.50 but that is each month that they are a member!

But if you sold a £400 website you would then get £100, following the same principle above!