How to start an online business

So you want to know how to start an online business? You already have an idea or a current business but you want to get online so that you can increase your customer base from your local area to well... the World is your oyster, as they say! Basically to get your...

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My Story of Websites

I can easily remember the first time my youngest daughter was ill. She was two years old and had been suffering for a while - so much so that I had to give up work. I remember sitting there in the house thinking that although I was looking after my daughter I needed...

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WordPress SEO to get your website seen

Wordpress SEO can be translated into: “I’ve got a website but I’m not getting any sales, no one is visiting my website!! What can I do?” OK, so what is Wordpress SEO? Search engine optimisation, SEO or getting seeing in Google and other search engines is usually one...

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Buying a domain name

Without a domain name you don't have a website. Domain names are the website address of your business website and usually end in .com .au .info and a whole host of others. So how do you get one? All you need to do is go to a domain name provider and purchase...

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Setting up a domain email address

Are you sending out your invoices on scraps of paper? I bet you're wondering why am I asking you such a stupid question. But let's turn this around and look at it from an online business perspective and I'll ask the question again. Are you sending out your business...

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Submitting your site map

Have you submitted your site map? This is something you need to do to help Google to start indexing your site in their listings. If you are thinking my what??? Then let's get started... If you are using Wordpress it's really easy to get your site map address using the...

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Websites Made Simple

Hosting, domains, SEO, analytics, backups, bandwidth… it’s enough to make your head spin. All you wanted was a simple yet professional looking website to get your business online, without it costing the earth. So where do you actually start? The very first thing you...

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