Magical Website Makeover

magical website makeover

So, why a magical website makeover?

Well, you have a website for your business but you’re just not feeling it.

You don’t know why but it’s just not you or it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do.

I know that feeling, I am such a perfectionist and I used to spend hours playing around with my websites to get them looking just right.

But then again what’s right?

However many hours you play around with your website, you will always want to play some more, as you can never get it just right.

It’s never going to be perfect.

Well it might be for five minutes and then you will change your mind again.

It seems like a never ending cycle!

The bad news...

OK, so who hates bad news?


So, let’s get it over with.

I know how you feel, I was there, right there where you are now.

When I created my first website back in 2008, with a drag and drop template, I just couldn’t get it to look how I wanted it to, however hard I tried. I played around with different software, even having the web site code written for me but I didn’t know how to make changes.

It was so complicated and sooooo frustrating!!

Then I found WordPress, I had a little play and it seemed so overwhelming and difficult that I gave up quickly. But then I thought, this is what everyone is using I need to figure out how to use it.

So I did!

And I haven’t looked back, once I knew what I was doing it was so easy and I could get my website looking exactly how I wanted – my very own magical website makeover!

The good news...


We all LOVE good news 🙂

And the good news is this…

I figured all this stuff out by myself taking years and a a load of courses, but you don’t have to do that.

You haven’t got years, or the money to buy course after course.

You want to make your website look marvellous and magical right now!!

You need to make your website work so you can start bringing in that traffic and start making SALES and we all know what sales make – MONEY!!!

And I can help you do just that 🙂

So what can I do to help...

So, let’s talk details:

For this super amazing price and in super amazing time I will:

* Install the Divi theme on your website (if you don’t already have a WordPress website it’s only £50 for me to change it over!)

* A plan on how your website will best work for you and your business

* Installation of necessary plugins

* Set up up to 6 pages to a layout and design of your choice, all matching your lovely branding

* Set up of a contact form

* Set up of social media links

* Set up of an opt in, such as Mailchimp

* An online chat/tutorial showing you how to use it all so you can do it yourself from now on!

Limited special Offer ONLY £300!!!

Prettiness and Praise

Need even more convincing?

Then take a look at these magical websites I have designed below and find out what my clients say about Website Wonder Woman.

What Happens After I Press That Pink Button?


So what exactly will happen after you press that button?

Well you will go to Paypal, pay your lovely monies and I will get a notification to say that you want in on this magical website makeover stuff.

So then I will send you an email and we will arrange a little chat so we both know where you are now and what you want. I will also ask you to complete a website planner so you know exactly what you want and I can then figure out how to make that happen for you 🙂

Over the next two weeks we will keep in touch as I make over your site and turn your ideas into a reality!!

And then off you go with your super shiny new site to WOW the world with!!

PLEASE NOTE: I ONLY work with WordPress sites so if your site is not WordPress I charge an additional price (normally £20 for a simple transfer) to change your site over to WordPress.