Build Your Marvellous Membership Site

Owning your own business is more than a full time job, it can feel exhausting at times trying to give high level value to 1-2-1 clients day in, day out. Not to mention the age old challenge of attracting enough new clients to keep the money coming in. We all started our businesses because we wanted freedom but if your current business model isn’t working for you then your business becomes a trap.

I’ve been there, it’s why I personally created the Website Wonder Woman membership group and with the right platform on your website, you can do exactly the same. A membership business model allows you to break free, turn your fans into a community and  your income into a consistent, passive stream that you have the power to build upon month after month.

The benefits of transforming your business into a membership site include;

  • A recurring, regular income
  • The ability to share your content with a limitless number of paying customers
  • A platform to share your message, your passion and have a bigger impact on the world
  • Reach a new audience; members might will often clients that couldn’t afford 1-2-1
  • Build a loyal community who refer more members
  • Use your time more efficiently
  • Create a lifestyle business that works for you
  • Become completely location independent – run your membership site from anywhere in the world
  • Automate sign ups and payments so you can focus your time of creating value
  • Upsell your courses or coaching to a warm and engaged following


Don’t let the tech hold you or your future community back

I want to take the stress out of the tech side so you can get on with doing what you do best. I can design a password protected space within your website that only paying members can have access to. This is where you can share your content which might include regular training videos, PDF workbooks, copy, images or MP3’s. With automated sign up forms and payment options, including subscriptions, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of onboarding new members, you just have to have awesome content waiting for them when they join.  


Limitless growth

Your membership site is a flexible space that has the potential to grow as your business does. You can just keep on adding content, providing more value to your members and giving them a reason to stick around. To keep it easy for your users to navigate, you can organise this information in monthly themes or topic bundles, each with its own page. If you wanted to move away from Facebook groups, you could also opt for a forum space where community members can connect and support each other as well as deepening their relationship with you.

The Website Wonder Woman membership site creation bundle includes;

  • Membership software uploaded onto your website
  • A sales page to convert visitors into new members
  • A members home area
  • 5 additional password protected pages designed in alignment with your business brand
  • Ability for members to set up their own profiles, which you can also use as a directory
  • Setup with your mailing list
  • Setup of a payment processor to handle subscriptions/payments


All you need is…

  • Content – you need to provide the copy for these initial pages and I will upload it – if you are stuck with copy for any of your pages then I would recommend this amazing copywriter who would love to help – Lisa Barry Online.
  • After the initial set up, every month you add your own content and value for your members


Ongoing support

There is another option; upgrade to my Monthly Maintenance Plan and let me upload the monthly content for you. With this plan I can also add more pages and provide continuous technical support. This leaves you completely free with plenty of time to take over the world, one member at a time.


And the cost is: £500


Please note that this product is an add on product for an already owned website, created with If you do not have a website yet or wish to move to a WordPress site then please check out my Web Design packages.