SEO Workshop 1-2-1

So you have created your website, launched it to the world and you are still waiting for those millions of people that NEED your product or service to come flooding in.

You have heard of a little thing called SEO and apparently it’s the answer to all your traffic issues – throw a few keywords on your website and hey presto Google loves you and the sales are flooding in.

Except, it hasn’t actually happened like that and you are still getting well… crickets.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – optimising your site to show up in the search engines rankings – is not an overnight thing. It can take months or even years and you need continuous work on it to actual make it effective. It’s not just a half hour thing and it’s done 🙁

It’s such a minefield, knowing your keywords and increasing your domain authority – it just sounds like so much hard work. Also if you don’t choose the right keywords, then it’s also a lot of hard work for nothing!

So, I know you are on a budget and paying a company every month to keep you with tip top SEO is currently out of your price rang. But, you know you HAVE to do something.

Which is where I come in, instead of watching some how to videos and reading a few articles I know you would rather guidance, showing you how to do things and the ability to ask questions. So you get 2 hours with me and I work through it with you, showing you how to do it on our call, holding your hand every step of the way!

The first call is an hour long and then you will get some homework and we will jump on another chat a week later to answer any questions and also see how your doing – and how your website is performing.

So what’s included?

  • How to find keywords for your website and create a keyword list
  • How to implement them on your website, using the Yoast SEO plugin
  • How to find backlinks
  • How to use Googles Analytics and Search Console
  • How to speed up your website
  • Checklist
  • How to videos to keep
  • Review of your website 
  • How to use keywords to create a blogging schedule that will seriously increase your traffic 

This way you are armed with the knowledge and skills to be able to continuously work on improving your SEO, as like I said it’s not an overnight thing. This workshop won’t automatically place you in the top ten of Google but it WILL give you the skills to be able to get there.

Why should you listen to me? Back in 2007 I ran my own blog that received 40,000 visitors PER MONTH! Just through using SEO techniques – there was no social media for business back then.

Obviously, for two hours one to one this isn’t an in depth course but we will cover the basics and get you choosing the right keywords and implementing them as well as other techniques to get you started.

Sound good to you?

Feel free to press that button below and book in for your first hours session, because it may not happen overnight but it won’t happen at all if you don’t START!

Want a chat first? Then feel free to contact me using the form below 🙂


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