Website Support Packages

Website support packages are available for those of you who already have a website but need a little help.

Whether that’s making changes to your site, showing you how to do something or doing some maintenance.

15 Minute Fix

Is there something that has been really bugging you and you know it would take an expert 15 minutes to fix but you have been deliberating over it for hours now, as you don’t want to pay an hourly rate?

Well, stress no more! Contact me and let me know your problem and if it can be fixed within 15 minutes there is just a £10 charge!

WordPress Website Support

For as little as £30 per hour you can get help with:

  • Website Maintenance
  • Problem Solving
  • Adding and formatting content
  • Improvements on an existing site, whether it was created by me or not
  • Moving your site to WordPress
  • Other tasks related to your website

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to see how I can best help you, we have a chat about where you are now and where you want to go or what you want to get done and the best way to do it. I can then give you a rough estimate of how long it will take so you have a rough estimate of price.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to book in for a chat.

WordPress Monthly Maintenance Packages

Wouldn’t you love that extra person in your business that you can just send all your techy stuff over to and it just gets done!

From keeping your website updated to being the support contact for your membership or online course I can help.

You don’t have enough time most days to do all the things needed to run your business let alone figure out the tech stuff and keep on top of updates.

I have WordPress Monthly Maintenance Packages starting at £50 a month, which include 2 hours of support and covers anything related to your website (as above) but also the ability to add me as a technical contact for any login issues etc. for your membership site or online course (must be built in WordPress).

Hours are timed and you will be informed if you go over your set number of hours for that month. You are then free to purchase extra hours at £25 per hour (instead of the normal £30) or with your consent I will bill you the extra hours at the end of the month so that you don’t have to worry about running out.

It is your responsibility to send work over to me and hours can be rolled over to a maximum of 1 month.

Please note that this rate only applies if you are on a rolling contract of a minimum of two hours per month (£50). Otherwise support is charged, as above at £30 an hour.

WordPress Updates Package

Don’t need support and would just like someone to manage your updates?

It is of utmost importance to keep your website updated. Not only to iron out bugs and keep everything to the latest version but also to prevent vulnerabilities which can make it easier for hackers automated bots to get into your website, make changes and even delete your site.

A basic update package of completing all of your updates once a month is £10 on a rolling monthly contract. If there is an issue with your site it will then be fixed at the updates rate of £25 an hour.

Website Wonder Woman VIPs

Want group support and how to videos at an affordable monthly price? For £10 a month you can become a Website Wonder Woman VIP!

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