Worked up over your website?

‘Where do I even start?’
‘But I’ll break it’
‘I can never do anything techy!!’
As a web designer, these are some the top quotes I hear from women in business who want to create or manage their own website.
But I have one thing that I say to all my clients and I am now saying to you:

‘You start at the beginning, you won’t break it and Yes You Can!!’

Imagine being able to get your business online, a website up and running, be able to make changes and add things with ease, integrate an email list, set up your own shop, bring traffic to your site and make it all look exactly like you want it to look without having a breakdown!

Welcome to Website Wonder Woman VIPs

I know there are so many of you out there that already have a WordPress website but have no idea on how to use it or you want a website but don’t want to pay for someone to design it.

Basically, you want someone to show you exactly where to start with WordPress and how to use it as easily and cheaply as possible so that you can create your own amazing website.

You want someone to hold your hand from start to finish and take you through step by step from start to finish.

Which is exactly why I thought up Website Wonder Woman VIPs!

I want to help as many of you as possible learn to create, use, update and maintain your business website using WordPress.

So to be able to do that I will work with you in a group environment where we will cover everything you need to know to become a Website Wonder Woman VIP yourself!


That’s not all we will be covering – we will also be covering all the other aspects of getting your business online such as domains, hosting, planning, email integration, stock images, gaining traffic, building your own shop and so on…

So tell me more…

Website Wonder Woman VIPs is a monthly subscription online club where, for ONLY £10 a month, you can work with me and others to learn everything there is to getting your business website up and running, getting it to do exactly what you need it do and most importantly getting it to look exactly how you want it to look – in the simplest ways possible!

I will be tailoring it to meet your needs as we go along with how to’s, videos, tips and tricks and advice. As everyone is at different stages I want to make sure that YOU get EVERYTHING you need to get your site looking beautiful and up and running as soon as possible.

When you become a Website Wonder Woman VIP, you will get access to the private Facebook group, where everything is and you are free to ask any questions you like at any time and receive help from me.

You can share your ideas, ask questions or reveal how you finally did something! I will also be setting tasks and challenges within the group and you can request a how to video of how to do something you are stuck on.

As I said the trainings will also be tailored to each of your needs as we go through each month – so you get what you need, when you need it!

How do I access all this?

Simply by pressing one of the buttons below, and paying through Paypal or GoCardless, you will then become an honorary member of Website Wonder Woman VIPs membership club. You will set up an account password and make sure you tick the opt in box to be added to the mailing list to enable you to receive further instructions on how to login and access the VIP area, you can, however, unsubscribe at any time.

How does my subscription work? You will be billed each month via Paypal or GoCardless (there is no contract and you can cancel at ANY time by accessing your account on the login screen, once logged in and clicking on subscriptions)

No refunds are available.

Why WordPress & Why Me?

I started out in the world of blogging and websites back in 2008 and have used everything from template builders to having a website coded for me. But I just couldn’t find a solution that enabled me to get my websites looking exactly how I wanted them to, to be able to change things myself and with the minimum amount of fuss and complicated coding.

I had been recommeded loads of times but everytime I tried using it I felt overwhelemed with the themes, plugins, customisation options and even knowing where to start!

But then out of the blue I won a course on how to set up a website with WordPress and I realised how easy it all actually was, when you start at the beginning and not try and do everything at once.

A few years later and I am now making all my websites with and I have learnt so much in that time that I know want to share all that with each and every one of you.

Through designing websites and offering one to one and group tutorials in WordPress I have seen how easy it is for my clients to come to that ‘a ha’ moment where they realise that it was really simple all along, they just didn’t know where to start and needed a little guidance.

I love being part of Lisa’s VIP Website Wonder Woman Group.
Lisa couldn’t be more helpful. If I have a question, a post in the VIP group gets answered really fast and it’s great to know that I always have that option – somewhere to go for professional advice if I get stuck or just don’t know where to start with a website issue or improvement. Being part of the group means I no longer have to pay someone to update my website for me – I’ve learned to do it myself, safe in the knowledge that there’s help available if anything goes wrong. I’m definitely more inclined to tackle things myself because I know I’ve got the back up of the VIP group. Everyone likes to be treated like a VIP! Georgia Walby

Owner, Evolve NLP

I was recommended to Lisa and her Website Wonder Women services. Lisa provided me with a 30 minute call free of charge to talk through what my requirements were. At the end of the call, she made her suggestions which were clear and concise. I chose the express package as I had a little experience with WordPress. That said there were times when I came unstuck and Lisa immediately helped out without question.

I was then invited to join the VIP Facebook group. I looked at what content I would get for my purchase and am delighted to say it is awesome and great value. I now have a group where I can post all my website questions and they are answered really quickly. This allows me to continue my website updates without waiting around for ages for a response. There are video tutorials, which are really easy to follow and lots of great content. I really don’t know where I’d be without this VIP group – it rocks!

Karen Rosser

Owner, Inspire My Soul