WordPress Support Package – Your Monthly Care Plan

You’ve got a website and its hanging out there on the world wide web, looking sassy and doing its thing. You like the way it looks, you hope lots of people will come and look at it and like it as much as you do.  

Your website is your shop window.  It’s not just there to look good, it’s there to do a job.  It has to be functional as well as attractive.

Having a website and not looking after it is like buying a puppy and not feeding it.  Eventually its gonna die. Nobody wants a dead puppy.

wordpress support package

Mobile phones do updates, they do this to fix glitches, get rid of bugs and identify potential threats like viruses.  Fortunately most of our phones do this automatically and give us little notification to tell us when its been done. Unfortunately our websites don’t always do the same.  

You don’t have the time or the knowhow to do the maintenance on your website but what can happen if you don’t?

If your website isn’t updated regularly and looked after it becomes vulnerable and a potential target for hackers and scammers and all your hard work could be deleted in seconds!  Not to mention depreciation in value and the effect to those all important Google rankings.

You need the WordPress Care Package if you want your website to be:

Secure – protected from threats like hackers and viruses

Fast – so that when people land on your website its doesn’t take so long to load that they click straight back of it again (no good for your SEO rankings!)


SEO – making sure your site is optimised for speed and getting rid of all those things that are slowing your site down and affecting your SEO

I know my clients want functionality in their websites.  They want their website to look good, work well, run smoothly and make them as accessible to their potential clients as possible.

So the WordPress Care Package gives you:


Daily back ups to prevent those pesky hackers hijacking your website

Updates and plug-in updates to make sure everything is working as it should be


Performance monitoring – make sure its not as slow as a slow thing on a slow day

Maintenance & security fixes

Monthly performance and maintenance reports


Visibility performance reports – number of visitors to your website


SEO rankings – know where you rank on Google and if you’re on page 1 or page 567,443 for chosen keywords

If you want to make sure your wordpress website is in the best condition possible and doing the job it was intended for then the WordPress Care package is a monthly maintenance service that means that you can get on with your thing and let me worry about the website stuff.  

The WordPress Care Package is £30 a month on a rolling monthly basis or £50 a month for clients who also want to add on 60 minutes technical support a month – this is great for businesses who have large projects or regular events and need pages added to their website. You also have the option to purchase extra support hours at a discounted rate of £25 per hour.

Standard Monthly Plan

Extra Support Monthly Plan

The small print: Before you purchase any plan please note that I will need you to add me as a user on your WordPress site and I will also need access to your hosting control panel or FTP (this is if there are any issues and your site is down, then I will be notified and can fix it asap!). 

Plugins will also be added to your site for optimum performance and for me to monitor the site.

It is your responsibility to send a list of key phrases you want monitored and also any support work for that month (if you have purchased an extra hour of support). The hour of support can be rolled over for a maximum of one month.

Any questions then please contact me.