WordPress Training

One-to-one Wonder Workshops

Get comfy, and get ready to spend some quality time with me getting some serious stuff done! A dedicated few hours of online or offline meetings, homework, checklists, how to videos and of course accountability.

One off WordPress Training

Sometimes you want to be able to do things yourself and that’s where WordPress training comes in handy. You already have a WordPress website but you are scared of breaking something or you want to do something specific and even after watching hours of You Tube videos you still can’t make head nor tail of what you are supposed to be doing! So, how about we sit together (in person or via Zoom) for an hour and I show you EXACTLY what to do, answer all your questions and give you the skills and confidence to do it all yourself.

I don’t know about you but I’m a hands on type of learner, I need to actually do something before it sinks in. So having someone there, guiding me through each step is invaluable. But, for you it’s just £50 per hour! You can use this hour to go through a list of questions you have, to help you do something specific or to just generally guide you through what you need to know to keep your site updated, make changes and add content.

Feel free to contact me, using the form below, to discuss further or book in using the lovely pink button below. 

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